"This conference was fantastic! Every session that I picked up was very well done – I was sorry that sometimes I had to choose between sessions, but that's why we had our team there. I took away some valuable information and tips that I was able to put to use immediately. Thanks for putting this on."
Erik Carlson – Colorado Springs Gazette


"We received great value from the Revenue North conference. Being a franchisor with 80 locations in the US and hundreds of licenses around the world, we attend many marketing and business growth seminar/conferences each year. Revenue North has provided a very great value/dollar seminar! We'll be at your next one also!"
Ken Gibson – CEO – LearningRx


"At Revenue North I learned fresh insights to help our non-profit organization. We will be healthier and more effective as a result!"
Dr. Bob Fetherlin – VP of International Ministries – The Christian and Missionary Alliance


"I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I enjoyed the Revenue North Summit. Pikes Peak National Bank sent 5 employees to the Summit. Robin, the President, and I attended Friday and three of our lenders attended on Saturday. Every presentation that I attended on Friday was great. I left the Summit Friday evening absolutely jazzed and ready to implement the ideas I had taken from the presentations. On Monday I spoke with the three lenders that attended on Saturday and they were as excited as I was to get to work with their new ideas. Thank you for bringing this opportunity to our business community. Colorado Springs will certainly benefit from the Summit, and I hope that you will offer others in the future."
Lisa Yens – VP Pikes Peak National Bank

Am Fam

"Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the Revenue North event. The slate of speakers was excellent and the topics were very relevant to Growth."
Dave Karstens – Agent/Owner – American Family Insurance


"The best part of the conference was the quality of the speakers and topics. It was a GREAT event and I'm happy to moderate or help support the next event in whatever way that I can! Keep me posted!"
Beth Papiano – Owner – Unlimited Potential

Unlimited Potential
Walls By Design

"I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful event last weekend. My only regret is that I failed to bring any of my fellow business owners down to the event from Denver…I will not make that mistake again. It is rare to attend a small business seminar that is not somehow a platform for a big sales pitch. I found the content unique and helpful for me as I try to grow my painting company. I truly thought the event was well worth the price of admission. I am a big believer in educating myself, and sought out speakers that were teaching out of my comfort zone. As a side benefit, I was able to meet and connect with a bunch of other business owners to expand my network. I know that wasn't the goal of the day, but it is always appreciated."
Nick May – Owner – Walls By Design


"A successful business stays in the mode of learning, so we brought our staff to the Business Growth Summit. WOW!...The quality and quantity of content is worth a LOT more than what you're charging. Thank you Revenue North for bucking conference industry norms, eliminating the fluff and sales pitches and delivering practical and actionable content on how to grow your business. A breath of fresh air!"
Brad Armstrong – CEO – General Air

General Air
Convergent Performance

"I found the Revenue North conference to be exactly as advertised—a low–cost, no frills, content–rich small business seminar. I was more than happy that you let participants determine for themselves what they would/would not attend and where/when they would eat meals. I was so excited about some of the information that I received that I started implementing it on Monday, just after I got back to the office. I have plans to implement even more of what I learned in the coming weeks and months, and I do believe that if I "stay the course" our company will improve, both in our culture and in our bottom–line. Thanks for a great conference!"
Christy Janssen – Operations Coordinator – Convergent Performance, LLC


"Although I attended only 4 of the many seminars offered throughout the two days, I found them extremely thought–provoking and informative. The information was presented in a concise manner that keeps it interesting, as well as specific to the topic. All the presenters made it fun to spend 45–minutes immersed in relevant and critical areas of operating a business. I left with excitement to try out some new ideas."
Ron Marko – CFO – The Colorado Springs School

Employers Solutions

"The Revenue North Small Business Growth Summit was an excellent event, knowledgeable speakers, great networking opportunities, reams of valuable information to expedite business growth and profitability. It was certainly worth the cost of admission. Consider holding another one in six months."
Don Kremmel – Owner – Employers Solutions, Inc.


"I think it is an excellent first conference, with lots of energy and good presentations, and look forward to next year's success."
Ric Denton – Director – Colorado Springs Technology Incubator

Colorado Springs Tech Incubator
Integrity Bank and Truse

"The Revenue North Small Business Summit was a first class event and well worth my time. The speakers were inspirational and the content of the sessions was immediately applicable to my daily business. I was challenged to change some of my business practices and enjoyed sharing my successes as well. I'll look forward to the next opportunity to participate in a Revenue North Small Business Growth."
Lisa Wieland – Business Banking Officer/Owner – Integrity Bank


"I attended the 2012 Revenue North Small Business Growth Summit in Colorado Springs. It brought together some excellent speakers and local business people. I believe that the format has a lot of potential and that it would be a valuable resource for local business people."
Espen Jansen, MBA – Owner – The Small Biz Pros

Small Biz Pros
Global Trade Specialists

"Revenue North was AWESOME. I learned a lot, and many of the speakers were first class. I will seriously consider attending future events."
Mike Genung – Owner – Global Trade Specialists, Inc.


"I liked the "come and go" feel of the occasion. The keynote on WOMM was very good, and I find myself churning internally and talking externally about several of his key points. Would I do it again...you betcha! Would I encourage others to attend next time...ya sure! Your value pricing was a great strategy for reducing my need for everything to be top–notch; much less stress from the boss on the expenditure."
Kevin McTernan – Director of Advancement – The Colorado Springs School

The Colorado Springs School
S Cool Services Fundraising

"To say I was surprised with the quality of speakers and content for the price, would be understating it significantly. I was able to take away 4 immediately actionable items, and made some very valuable connections with other business owners as well. Will definitely attend again and bring staff!"
Johnny Dasher – Owner – S'Cool Services Fundraising


"I liked the format of the summit in being able to choose which class I wanted in a certain time slot. I found most of the presenters to be very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and I changed my way of thinking on a few items within my business structure. Speakers were very knowledgeable and approachable. I received more than my money's worth in contacts and knowledge."
Kelly Rostad – Owner – The Plant Lady

The Plant Lady
Optimize Consulting

"Overall, it was a worthwhile event. I think this type of event is very much needed for businesses that are looking for qualitative, usable content from a "business seminar". There are too many motivational seminars that don't provide practical tips on how to execute for improved performance. Revenue North seems to understand that people need real usable information that gives attendees a real ROI for our low cost investment. I want to thank the folks at Revenue North for pulling this event together. I look forward to future opportunities to participate. Thanks Revenue North!"
James Romero – Owner – Optimyze Consulting